We all know that for a supplement to be effective it has to be absorbed and used by the body.  Different supplements and brands vary greatly when it comes to bioavailability.  Some supplements are absorbed easily, depending on the formulation and how it was produced by the manufacturer.

On the supplement bottle the label will show how much each tablet or capsule contains.  It is usually accurate, but the amount that is actually absorbed is an entirely different story.

Pharmaceutical Grade means 99% Pure

Dietary supplements undoubted have to be pure.  In order to be a pharmaceutical grade supplement it must be 99% pure.  It must not contain binders, fillers, dyes, exipients or other unknown substances.  Food grade supplements can have upwards to 30% impurities, fillers and binders in them which may cause unwanted side effects.

There are guidelines which standardize the dietary supplement market.  Institutions such as the USP provide a guarantee that we do not put ourselves in danger by taking supplements that should prolong life.

Many times Food Grade supplements will be inexpensive but it is just a waste of money to buy supplements at any price if they are not absorbed into your system.  "The most expensive vitamin is a vitamin that doesn't work"

Only licensed or certified professionals make recommendations of pharmaceutical grade supplements are not sold in big chain retail or online stores because the manufacturer believes that proper education by licensed healthcare professionals is vital to the proper use of their product.

At Houck Pharmacy you can rest assure that you are getting expert advice.  Our pharmacist will help develop a personalized nutritional program to achieve your optimal health goal.